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Player Fee Payments

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Dear Parents –

While this is not the “fun” part of coaching our teams, it is vital that we maintain financial strength in our program. The booster club exists to support our players and to provide them with a first-class experience as part of the Cass Basketball Family.

As we discussed at the parent meeting, the shoes and sweatshirts and socks and uniforms and meals and countless other items that contribute to their positive experience all require funding. That is why I want to thank YOU in advance for recognizing the need to help with covering the expenses that our program plans for every season.

You can find a tentative budget for our 2018 team HERE. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff we want to do for our kids – and that is what requires us to charge a booster club fee.

This year, according to our budget, we need roughly $450 per athlete by Dec. 4th to cover expenses. But there are MANY ways that you can tackle that number as a family:

We have Fundraisers set up using Snap-Raise (an email / online program) AND we have a terrific opportunity to get sponsorships from local businesses – both of which can lessen your amount of personal contribution using PayPal button (located below):

For Example:

1) You can pay $450 via PayPal ; )

2) You can pay $300 via PayPal and get one online sponsorship

3) You can pay $200 via PayPal and get one banner sponsorship

4) You can pay $100 and get one online sponsorship and raise $200 via Snap-Raise

5) You can get one banner sponsorship and raise $200 via Snap-Raise and owe nothing!

6) You can get one premium sponsorship and owe nothing!

7) You can get three online sponsorships and raise owe nothing!

8) You can get one banner sponsorship and raise $200 via Snap-Raise and owe nothing!

We wanted to provide was a way for our families to take responsibility for the cost of gear without it being a significant financial hardship! …so if you take advantage of the fundraising opportunities, you don’t need to stress your checking account ; )

We are asking each player to have his $450 booster expenses taken care of (one way or another) no later than December 4th.

Again - please take advantage of our fundraisers:

1. the local business sponsorship opportunity

(*click HERE to access the google doc where you can "claim" a past sponsor to contact)

2. the Snap-Raise email donation opportunity

3. ...and then you can pay your remaining balance using PayPal:

Please reach out to me if you have any questions – and thank you again for everything you do to help us make your son’s experience with Cass Basketball something he looks back on as a positive and meaningful part of his development.

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