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  • Coach Glaze

Parent Mtg Fundraising INFO and Links!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Dear Parents and Players –

As we have now begun our season, I wanted to share some important info with you…

For us to have that first-class program, and to cover the many expenses we have (including player hoodies, shoes, bags, equipment, locker room upgrades, training, meals, banquet awards, etc.), our team will need the funding to make this the tremendous experience we all want our athletes to have.

We discussed this at our last parent meeting in the Cass Media Center.

In addition to other items, I want to share with you many fundraising opportunities to cover your son’s basketball program expenses. We are asking each player to raise or contribute $500 to provide a first-class experience for our guys.

The key thing I wanted to provide was a way for our families to cover the expense of without it being a significant family financial hardship… so if you take advantage of the fundraising opportunities, you don’t need to stress your checking account ; )




That said, here are a few helpful opportunities to accomplish that…

1. Our Cruise Raffle allows you and your athlete to sell individual raffle tickets for $20 each (drawing will be Dec 6) and every ticket sold goes to your player booster club contributions

2. We will have a FanAngel email campaign starting this Friday (11/22), which is a very easy way to reach out to friends, family members, co-workers, etc. and allow them to contribute to our program and feel like they have made an investment in your son’s experience. You can send out emails and texts and social media announcements to spread the word and share the website link as well!

3. If you want the EASIEST path to raising money, PLEASE look to get local SPONSORSHIPS! Take advantage of the many local businesses who have sponsored us in the past or find another one to add to our supporters! You can download a copy of our program sponsorship form and information HERE.

*We need to have ALL sponsorship forms turned by November 25th.

4. If you prefer, you can also simply pay for the booster / gear fees using PayPal or a check (made out to Cass Basketball). Just determine your remaining balance after adding up the total fundraising money your son has collected via working tournaments, fanangel, raffle, and sponsorships ($500 - fundraising total = amount due)

*Players who volunteered at the summer tournaments have already earned funds toward

their booster club contributions, and I can share that list with you individually...

Finally – in addition to our need to ensure that our program is taken care of financially, we also need assistance with TWO OTHER areas: Concessions and Meals.

You can sign up to work TWO concession stand shifts using THIS SIGN-UP GENIUS PAGE.

And if you are interested in helping to feed our guys, you can find a copy of our MEAL PLAN CALENDAR HERE – this shows what our guys will have to eat prior to games. Everything is covered prior to December, but we will need hep with getting food prepared or purchased and delivered to the school prior to bus departures or game times. If you or your church or another organization would like to contribute, please reach out and let me know!

If you have ANY questions, contact me via email (or you can call me at 770-861-6840).

If you haven’t you can join our REMIND text update group list as well!

Simply text @cassba to 81010

And thank you for always being a positive voice in the stands and during car rides home ; )

Coach Glaze