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Cass Boys FINAL 2020 Tryout Results

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Hello Players and Parents -

Thanks to everyone who competed for a spot on one of our teams this year...

Our coaches were impressed and excited to see the tremendous number of young men who participated in tryouts for our JV and Varsity teams.

Now that our football guys have had a chance to tryout, THIS is our FINAL list - and we look forward to an exciting season of player and team development.

This young men below should report to practice at 3:45 tomorrow...


Norris Chavis

Zantavian Brown

Kole Hardin

Kymoni Pullum

Kevin Henderson

Tyler Wallantine

Jashaun Whatley

Sacovie White

Devin Henderson

Freddie Gbadie

Tom Brannon

Daniel Henderson

Tyler Martin*


Chase Hendrix

Braxton Benham

Andrew Glaze

Ethan McIntyre

Zaylan Chaney

Jackson Hale

Jelani Hames

Jayden Foster

Zay Jackson

Jacorey Jackson

CJ Pipkin

Tyler Martin*

As coaches, we regret that the level of competition and number of athletes who tried out does not allow us to keep all of the young men who showed up and gave terrific effort.

Players - please come by to see Coach Glaze if you would like to discuss your evaluation

Parents - you can download a calendar of our daily practice / game schedule HERE.

- and you can access our 2020 Program Fundraiser Reminder Letter HERE

Thanks for your support of Cass Basketball!

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